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Adult Condo for Sale Weinlos | Adult Condos Edmonton | KENNEDY Real Estate

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Adult Condos in Edmonton | Weinlos Community


Homes for sale in Weinlos are generally a mix of single family, row housing, and low rise apartments. Weinlos is located in Edmonton’s Southeast and has great access to Henday, Whitemud and walking distance to Millwoods Towne Centre Mall. One can enjoy a host of diverse restaurants and a short drive to the ever popular South Edmonton Common.

Take this home for example , an adult 45plus bungalow style townhome available for $314,900. This 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home boasts gorgeous hardwood flooring throughout the main level and a fully finished basement with two of the four bedrooms and the third bathroom. The large master bedroom on the main level is equipped with ample closet space and a three piece ensuite bathroom. This adult complex also includes access to the community centre which contains a recreation room, exercise equipment, an additional kitchen, and ample space to throw your retirement party, anniversary, or monumental birthday! Don’t miss out on your opportunity to move into this no maintenance gem of a property.


I would like to View this Adult Condo.

I would like to Sell my Adult Condo.

I would like to Buy an Adult Condo.


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Edmonton Home Stager: Home Staging vs. Price Reduction

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

kennedy real estate lifestyle marketing

The reality is that in a slow real estate market, buyers have waaaaay less motivation to make an offer today because they know that increased inventory means that asking prices may go down even further tomorrow.

In addition buyers feel absolutely no pressure to make a quick decision because they know there are plenty of homes to choose from. This makes it less likely that a property they’re interested in will disappear too quickly— again making them less likely to take action and make an offer.

As a result, there’s a vicious cycle with home sellers trapped in their non-selling houses for longer and increased pressure from their REALTORS®  to continue lowering their price.

HOWEVER  home staging offers a way to end this costly inconvenience, because staged homes have been proven to sell faster.

When you compare the cost of staging vs. the average price reduction of $5000-$10,000 – home staging is waaaay more cost effective! Plus you are spending money to make money! I always get home sellers to think about their home as their own ‘fix and flip’. Now wouldn’t you normally think about putting money into your ‘flip’ to get it sold? For some reason home sellers have a hard time thinking in this manner. Until now.

Getting an offer is not such an easy thing these days. You really have to work at it. I have seen some houses that have been on the market for several years now (Edmonton region). They have gone through several REALTORS®, discount brokerages, for sale by owner etc. And the crazy thing is the condition of the house is STILL THE SAME and the price keeps dropping and dropping. At what point do you say…hmmm I don’ think anyone LIKES our house. I wonder why? Could it be the crayola box of paint colours throughout? The wallpaper that just never ends? My sparse prison cell decor? Or my floral Golden Girls furniture arrangement? hmmmm…

I have said this before…real estate is NOT rocket science. There is a reason for everything. And a reason for every house NOT selling. It was not priced or prepared properly. Done. Period. Finito.

Home staging puts you in the right direction for a sale. It doesn’t always guarantee you more money – but it does get you to where you need to be …SOLD. It allows you the piece of mind knowing that you have done your very best at putting your best most ‘shiniest’ foot forward when presenting your property to the market.

Happy home selling!

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Edmonton Realtor: KENNEDY Real Estate – Home Sellers Checklist

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

kennedy real estate seller checklist



Looking to sell this year?

Here is a go-to reference for anyone ‘jumping’ into the market.

Game Plan: when where why who

When: you need to figure out a time line for a sale. When you would you like to be moved in by – is it summertime to coincide with the kids off school, a job transfer date, new home construction completion date.

Where: hhmm SEEMS obvious enough – but some just really don’t have a clue of where or what to move to. This may in part depend on what your home is worth – see REALTOR® section below.

Why: motivation needs to be clear – as it will play into your timing/scheduling a sale/move.

Who: will sell your home: choosing a REALTOR®. Top 10 MUST ASK questions when interviewing for a REALTOR®.

Get Ready Get Set….

Declutter, garage sale, give aways (churches and other charities would be more than happy to help you out).

Order a bin if you need to – we have a great promo for that ( of course 🙂 )

Clean clean clean – oh and we have another great promo for that too! The best smell of a home is  freshly cleaned one …so ditch all the plug in’s…no no’s

On the note above – pls oh pls don’t forget the windows!! So so important that the buyer can look clearly through sparkling clean windows. Shows that the home is well maintained in more ways than one…clean windows say so much about a home.

Luv the critters- just not the smell from their kibble or cat box = out of sight out of mind for both.

Same goes for fireplaces – luv the fires just not the leftover soot smell – clean away any old burned debris in the fireplace

Old plants too – bye bye…

Get the treadmill or the P90x accessories out of the bedroom and into the basement or garage. Buyers only need to know that you sleep not sweat in the bedroom …well …

And finally all chachkis off the fridge and close those toilet lids.

This will help set the stage for an easier sale.

Be sure to get a home staging evaluation done – to see if we can increase your chances of an even BETTER sale!

Show Time:

Make like  Bob and Doug  Mackenzie and ‘take off’ for all showings. I don’t know why it is that some sellers feel that lurking behind a buyer through their home is a good thing. Can you say creepy??

Do make your home available for all showings – if you don’t that is a potential sale down the drain. Yup – just because there is some much to choose from – the Buyer and REALTOR®  will not ‘wait’ until you are available again…sorry but true 🙁  On to the next they go…

Make sure your locks work! (Access door for REALTORs®) And make sure you have a porch light on timer for the evening showings – we can’t sell what we do not have access to – or cannot see…

Done Deal:

Congrats on a great sale..wait no – you feel you could of gotten more? yup most all sellers feel that way – until about 3 weeks post sale – when all of your former competition are still unsold on the market – you will feel gratitude pouring in…and its a wonderful thing.

Back to the list!

Sale papers to mortgage broker and lawyer (of which normally your REALTOR® can do this for you).

Notify all utilities/schools/doctors/gov’t/subscriptions/clubs  of the sale date – keep insurance for a week post sale – in case you have late closing (insurance companies will tell you to keep insurance for a month lap).’

Pack pack pack… did we mention that we had a great promo for that :)..moving solutions

See our moving checklists part one and part two 

kennedy real estate sellers checklist








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Edmonton REALTOR: Buyer’s Checklist

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

Kennedy Real Estate - looking to buyLooking to Buy this Year?


Here is a go-to check list to reference.

Before you get started:

1. Prequalified vs. Preapproved – know the difference! Make an appointment with your Mortgage Broker/Bank and make sure you send in allof the required paperwork for income verification and downpayment source (s).  Once that is in place your Broker will give you an interest rate hold and a maximum BUY amount (including the downpayment).

2. Renting? Perhaps now would be a good idea to let you landlord know that you will either NOT be renewing the lease at the end of the fixed term – or if you are renting month to month – be mindful of the fact you will have to give sufficient notice for when you are moving out.

3. Contact a REALTOR® to discuss your needs vs. wants and price range and community. Chances are you will need tomake a few adjustments in order to fit everything into your ‘perfect pad’.

4. Set up an auto search with your REALTOR® so that you can start to track the listings, prices (both active and sold).

5. Set up time(s) for viewing with your REALTOR® – allowing for 48 hours for booking of showings (be sure to get your list of homes to see in a few days ahead of time – to allow your REALTOR® time to book the showings with the sellers).

kennedy real estate - home buyingOnce you write the offer and the offer is accepted: PENDING

1. Book your home inspection: cost $400-700 : depending on size and location (acreages are a bit more expensive).

2. Be sure to send in all of your offer to purchase papers to your Mortgage Broker

3. Make sure your have transferred any necessary funds to cover your initial and any additional deposit cheques (this goes toward your down payment).

4. Usually buyers will get the financing approved then bookthe home inspection – BUT allow enough time – in case there are issues from the home inspection that require time to resolve.

5. When you are doing the home inspection – its not a bad idea to take some measurements – windows, rooms for furniture/beds/appliances etc. As well taking a few extra photo’s for decor/reno ideas is also a good idea. This maybe your last viewing until possession.

kennedy real estate advantage soldConditions are removed, you are a happy new home owner: Now WHAT?

1. Give notice if your are renting.

2. Be sure to send in your final document to the bank: condition removal form!

3. Give your REALTOR® the name of the lawyer you will use for the sale. Your REALTOR® will ensure all of the documents are sent to the lawyer. Your lawyer will call and set an appt usually within two weeks of possession to sign the papers. In addition, let your Mortgage Broker know the name of your lawyer – so they can forward any mortgage instructions.

4. Set up utilities in your new place  – and yes you can do this well ahead of time (power, water, heat, phone, cable).

5. Start packing! Be sure to check out one of our FREE promo’s for moving solutions!

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Survey Results: What’s your Home and Neighborhood’s BEST feature?

Monday, November 7th, 2011

The results are in! We have polled our client base to ask them what they valued the most in their home and neighborhood. Not surprising that backyards, big windows for natural light and quiet location topped the list!

Here are the results:

Best Home Features:

1. Tied for first place: Backyard size and large windows to allow all the natural light in …( FYI – you tend to gravitate in a home where there is the most sunlight – a home with lots of sunny living areas has better resale)

2. Size of the home and layout (large living spaces).

3. Decks deck and more decks, and the covered variety too!

4. Open concept.

5. Renovated rooms: kitchen’s , master ensuite: with upgrades such as anti slam doors, granite and hardwood floors.

6. Kitchen that has direct access to the covered deck.

7. Insuite laundry – from our condo dwellers – this is a HUGE selling feature.

8. Soaker tub: relaxin’ is a good thing…

9. Historical charm.

10. Ensuite and guest ensuite.

Best Neighborhood Features:

1. Tied for tops: Quiet tree lined streets, no crime and with close proximity to all amenities and major transportation accesses.

2. Proximity to parks, trails, walkways and community lake.

3. Strong community atmosphere.

4. Walk-out, corner lot with good neighbors.

5. Cul de sac location.

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